provideds inheritance property records, probate or trust owned properties. is a provider of Probate or Trust owned real estate properties to Realtors and Investors.

What is unique about SuccessorsData is that it is the only company in U.S. with inheritance properties records posted within three weeks of someones passing. The idea is to help the heirs to sell their inheritance properties easier and faster.

You can search properties listed at platform by State, County, City or zip.

Inheritance Real Estate Property Data for Realtors and Investors offered by

We are a national provider for Probate, Trust, and Inheritance Real Estate Property Records.

We believe in helping heirs to sell their inherited real estate properties easier and faster. We identify the new inherited real estate properties as early as three weeks for you to contact the heirs, which is about the time that the heirs contact probate attorneys to file probate proceedings.

However, not every inheritance property goes to probate!

60% Trust Sales – sold by Trustees, usually a family member.

20% Joint Tenancy – sold by a widow or widower.

20% Pre-Probate – sold through probate court proceedings.

Each year 600,000+ inheritance properties are sold through living trusts that were created by thoughtful and compassionate parents. These properties were transferred to a trust to avoid probate court/attorney’s costs, delays, and litigation. Trustors designate a trustee to sell/transfer their properties.

Traditionally, realtors and investors would spend hundreds of hours going through obituary and probate court filings to find motivated heirs/sellers who need real estate services.

Today there is an easier, faster, and better way to search and select the type of properties you are looking for and be able to contact the heirs by phone or mail using our website.

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Address: 10601 Civic Center Dr. Rancho Cucamonga, Ca 91730      Bus: (909) 315-5330       Email: