Probate Real Estate Is Unlisted, Unpublished, Unknown.


Probate real estate accounts for trillions of dollars of shadow inventory.

The Baby Boomer generation are the Americans born between 1946 at the conclusion of World War II, and 1964. They represent the highest birth rate in our history, according to CNN statistics.
Given an aging boomer population, there will be huge amounts of wealth and probate real estate transferred from one generation to the next. A staggering portion of the real estate owned by these golden homeowners are free and clear. They were taught to save and invested in homes with 30-year mortgages, unlike my own generation that was lured into unsustainable mortgages that spawned the housing crisis. Indeed, it is not uncommon that frugal baby boomers own several properties.
The savvy real estate investor or REALTOR® that can build empathy, trust and rapport with those grieving tasked with settling the estate will undoubtedly be successful.

Personal Representatives tasked with liquidating probate real estate are motivated to sell. 

Ironically, the two inescapable things in life occur simultaneously. Taxes must be paid, along with attorney fees, court costs, and other estate-related expenses. The Personal Representative must pay for creditors and divvy up the remaining proceeds to the beneficiaries. Nearly always, the heirs are looking for a pay day and want to sell what is considered the biggest asset in the estate – the real estate.
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Are you missing opportunities?

It’s been said that there are “riches in niches”. Probate real estate is one of the few niches that are not saturated with competition from other agents and investors. We identify those properties that are not yet on the MLS, giving you a unique opportunity to work a probate list that is not yet inundated with solicitations from other agents and investors.
Trillions of dollars will transfer through the probate courts in the coming years and we help you capture your share of this low-hanging fruit. Call a probate leads specialist at 607-953-0548 to learn how you can take the path of least resistance.